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CannonBall Run 2012

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23 thoughts on “CannonBall Run 2012

    • Karen & Phil on said:

      Here you go again. Need a new picture of the new bike with the three of you, (Linda Lou, Irm and you. Glad to be in on this from the beginning. It sure was fun to watch you at Davenport, looking for parts with that huge smile on you face for a week straight.


  1. Frank Castellano on said:

    Good to hear issues are minimal and you’re both enjoying the adventure at hand.


  2. Frank Castellano on said:

    Hey all, had an awesome time Thursday night and Friday morning visiting with GW, Miss Linda and J Basile . The bike looks great, sounded strong, should mtake it to Cali without too much drama . ‘Give em hell and have too much fun.


  3. Joe Basile on said:

    Wow, what a great time that was. Seriously wish I was continuing on after todays run with Gary. Keep it going, Gary ! That bike is a damn strong runner. You and that bike are one, and one that will finish and I wont be surprised at all if you take the trophy on that 29 HD. Totally amazed at how strong that bike ran today. And…how cool and experienced its pilot is. I’ll be checking back in OFTEN !! jb A few shots from the start:


  4. Joe Basile on said:

    Just made my route and loaded her into the gps. I’ll be riding some new roads, and going right thru the heart of the Catskills. Yeeee-Haaaww !!


  5. Joe Basile on said:

    A few shots of Pa. Just west of Wellsboro. A weekend run I made last summer. You are gonna like Pa, GW.


  6. Joe Basile on said:

    Well, now they are saying high of 85 in Newburgh, 20% chance of rain. And…72 with 40% chance of scattered T’s on Saturday in Wellsboro. Still not bad. Really means 80% chance of NO RAIN and 60% chance of NO RAIN !! LOL !! I took Thursday and Friday off. I’m going to ride straight to the museum on Thursday. Relaxing back-roads ride and I expect an approximate arrival time of around 3:00-4:00 pm. Frank wont be there till around 7:30. I’ll look for you at the museum, if no one is around I’ll take the grand tour of the museum. Not sure which ride I’m runnin, but it’ll be one of these two. We’ll be able to visit Thursday and I’ll share part of the run West Friday morning. See ya soon folks. jb 585-545-8618


  7. Joe Basile on said:

    The long range forecast calls for sunny skies, 80 degrees and zero chance of rain. That would be for Friday, the start of the run. Wellsboro looks good too. Weather-wise. I’m thinkin that old HD is gonna run like a swiss watch and you are gonna ride some nice country here in the NE. On a beautiful day, on a piece of American motorcycle history. Cool !


  8. Joe Basile on said:

    Wow, its almost here ! I’ll see you in Newburgh G !! Really looking forward to this and will lend support in any way possible. jb


  9. Judy Groves on said:

    Hey Cuz….I have gotten to the age of “bucket list” also, I think this is wonderful for you both and YES, Linda is the best. What a great adventure this will be. Just so proud of you for the time and effort this will take. Yeah! better get in shape. Will check to see how close you come to us here in KY, would love to be able to cheer you on. Much luck and love goes out to you both. Will be keeping in touch to see how progress is coming along.
    Butch & Judy


  10. Ed Corbett on said:

    That’s living a dream right there GW. Luck out at you, and I’ll be meeting up to feed you and Linda when you get out here around Missouri.
    Give me a call when you get the chance. Want to talk to you about a sponsorship.


  11. Proud of you, what are you going to think of next??


  12. Thomas Pearce on said:

    What a wonderful thing! And that bike is GORGEOUS! This spring, if you can use any support from Illinois, let me know what I can do!!


  13. Excellent Gary!!! We are behind you all the way!


  14. Whoo-hoo! Happy to support your ‘bucket list’! Way to go in going for your dreams! Love you dad!!


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