Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

little up date on preparing for the run.

 hope you all are well.  little up date on preparing for the run.

    have purchased a few more needed parts and pics. for the bike. the not so modern GPS consist of a unit that will roll into scrolls each mornings maps for the day, to be viewed  by rolling a knob to see the next set of instructive directions, along with a timing and mileage device.  am in the middle of mounting it now.  have also added a gel type battery to try to replace the acid cell for reliability and weight. however in talking to folks that have tried the same thing, I have found that the gel is not very forgiving of being over charged by a 3 brush type generator. and after reading more on it have decided to try to change the internal workings to a 2 brush system and add a 6 volt solid state regulator to the system.  still waiting on other parts and lots more to do. need to add a brake light to the system, build or find a rear rack, tear down the engine/trans to check it out.  repack bearings and so on.  weather is warming and need to get to the point of being able to put 1000 plus miles on her to check and change things out.
on to the support crew and sleeping accommodations during the trip . this is it. rider and support. we are so look n forward to this. 
this will be sleeping, eating and having a blast accommodations.
it’s a 1967 avion camper. I m pretty impressed with its construction. and we need to do a few things to it as well.
I m also putting and older dodge Cummins truck together, hopping it will help on fuel mileage and  storage for tools and parts.
and here’s the bed im working on.
we ve done a lot but have a lot more to do.  5 months to go.  I better get after it.
thank you all for taking the time to follow along.
and a big THANK YOU to my brother Karl for all the help along the way.

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One thought on “little up date on preparing for the run.

  1. Phil (Grizz) Erby on said:

    Lookingood Gary! You know you got my support so let me know what I can Do to help make this happen… Phil


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