Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado


Just a little update. the rear rack is pretty close to being finished, need to figure a way to safely also carry a spare tire. have not found any suitable bags for hauling parts and gear yet. need to remount the map holder as it has a bit of vibration going on and im sure I would not be able to read directions on the move. on to the camper and truck. got the exhaust on yesterday along with running the overhead (adjusting the valves). have slowed up on the camper do to finding water damage and rot. have to get after it.. evenings and week ends are pretty busy with the list of stuff. but about 3 today I could nt take the great weather and a unridden bike deal. So I removed the unfinished rack and map holder, tightened up some things I had apart and went for a short ride. 42 miles… man do I have a lot to learn. Them old boys had their hands full riding these old girls. Left hand spark advance, left hand shift, left foot clutch, right hand throttle, right foot band brake, the 1929 JD model was the first year for a front brake, which consist of a left hand lever to a rope style band brake (which has no value what so ever for slowing or stopping but is handy on a slope to hold bike (instead of resting it on the bumper behind you) on a grade or hill to help with the foot clutch take off. I’m getting good at showing my rear end, as first thing I ran out of gas, so I did a bit of pushing. (need to start training). After answering a few questions from old bike lovers, I started to fill the tanks, to find a major fuel leak. Float had stuck and gas running out pretty fast. (the reason I ran out of gas) pretty lucky.. FIRE BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Found a bolt laying on the ground and used it to tap the bowl. Lucky again, must have seated the needle. So on my way. This bike engine is whats known as a total loss oil system (meaning there is no recirculating the oil or filtering it) this is done with a drip type pump that runs off the flywheel shaft and keeps up with maintaining the 4 oz s of oil needed in the cases up to about 40-45 mph. at that point you need to watch the exhaust for a grey/blue tinge to assure the bottom end is oiling, over the 40-45 mph there is an oil plunger embedded in the left fuel/oil tank that needs to be pulled and pushed to force oil into the cases. Have I lost ya yet?
So a few miles down the road the bike starts sputtering and I remember I did not finish filling the left tank due to the fuel running out. No problem as I did fill the right side. So I reach down and close the left side pet cock, grab the left bar and proceed to feel for the right side pet cock (((BIG NOTE TO SELF)) ((DO NOT GRAB THE REAR SPARK PLUG THAT IS NEXT TO IT> ESPECIALLY IF YOU FORGOT TO PEE AT THE GAS STATION)))… YYYYEEEEOOOHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway made it back home. Noticed I still have few major leaks and a few that have stopped since my first ride. Need a lot more learning time. Have a bad noise that is gear train related and need to find more info prior to tearing the engine down. Hope all is well for everyone. Stay healthy and keep your powder dry. Gary

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2 thoughts on “4/22/2012

  1. Hope you guys are good. thank you for the thoughts.


  2. Judy Groves on said:

    HI Cuz Just read this and it sounds like “greek” to me. Wow! that sounds like a lot of things to remember all at once. Glad it is you instead of me. You have your work cutout for you just getting it going down the road. Hope things are progressing well, your days are numbered and they will go quick. Good Luck and will check back soon.
    Love from KY Judy


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