Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

7/9/2012 update

Hope this finds everyone Well.
Well a lot has been done, yet a lot more to finish.  after finding some not so good wood rot in the camper, having to remove it and do repairs. resealing seams and windows. Linda s been painting, sewing curtains, cleaning and making it pretty darn nice. and cousin Ray sure helped a lot with the rot repairs. Thank You.  Brother Karl has been doing quite a bit to help narrow down all the list.  sure do thank you..  the camper is on the truck. looks pretty good to me.
  have a few more things to make the truck worthy of the trip.
  on to the 29.  off an on I ve been doing quite a bit to the bike.  gearing changes, making and mounting the map holder mounts, rear rack and bags, wiring in a mandatory brake light and switch,  installing tire/wheel locks in the clincher wheels, finished the electrics, changing the 3 brush generator to a two brush with a solid state regulator, and tending to a above ordinary oil leaks.  seems I take one step forward and 3 back.  we ve all been there.  two Sundays ago I put the first miles on the bike that I actually made it back under its own power. 160 miles  used 3.4 gals. of gas but poured/blew out 6 qts. of oil.  not good…  my right pants leg was actually dripping when I got back. it also soaked the right side of the bike , including the brake which is not much of one to begin with. it consist of a thin hub with a woven material riveted to a strap. and as you apply the pressure to it the band squeezes the drum to cause friction to slow down.  add just a bit of oil and it is totally useless.  kind of glad I  paid attention to MR. Flintstone and Barney.
    again going after what seems to be an on going deal with above average oil leaks I went a bit deeper into the engine.  SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS LAST DECEMBER……  the on going oil tsunami is not just dripping from numerous gaskets, fittings, and other places because of fitment or sealing problems.  its actually being forced out by compression.  after removing the engine to be able to remove the clys.  I was a bit let down. looks like the engine at some part of its life set for sometime with moisture in it. numerous  rust pits and defects in the cly walls.  and I found the vibration I have been chasing.  seems the front piston is a .040 over 2 ring cast piston and the rear is a .070 over 3 ring cast piston.  not quite sure of the thought process in doing this?  but must go forward.. must find a source that has pistons that will interchange and be available in  a size that the clys. will clean up better at. at least match.  knowing that they will not be perfect..
   time is closing fast.
I ll put a couple photos in also..   Thank You ALL.   Gary

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