Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

32 days till we leave for New York 8/1/2012 update

hope this finds everyone well..
little update since the last.
been driving the truck a bit, runs pretty fair, wish the mileage was a bit better. but we re look n good. The camper continues to give us a run for our money – but were going forward.
For some time i ve been jumping around as to how to transport the 29 to the start and home after the race. it weighs about 400lbs. so too heavy to put on the front end and already have too much overhang and weight on the rear of the truck. found a small 6×10 enclosed trailer last week. Karl did bearings, races, seals and greased her up. need to throw a couple of tires on her and a bit of tongue work to level her out and believe she ll be ready. on to the bike. located a couple of earlier year Cly’s that look to be laying or thrown in a chicken coupe with allot more damage than anyone would like, but as hard as they are to find in any condition and the time factor ticking away i paid the price. thank goodness for friends. Gary VandeBrake of Falcon a retired owner of automotive machine shop offered to try and help me with my dilemmas in hopes to make the race. Gary did quite a bit of extensive machining and fab work. Wouldn’t take any payment from me – just wanted to help me out. A BIG thank you to Mr. Gary. It means a lot to me. I hope to make it right with him. After all the machine work and locating pistons that would work, and after 6 attempts of truing the fly wheels to no avail called an outfit in Kansas called Truett & Osborn – talked to CJ. In explaining my problems w/trying to true the wheels he told me the tapers were out of the wheels. So I shipped him my rods/bearings/and piston weights and am awaiting a new set of machined fly wheels. (times a ticking).
While having the front tire and wheel off to drill the wheel and install a wheel lock on the clincher type tire I found a ruined rusted and pitted front wheel hub race. It would have for sure ate the ball bearings at some point. Again – with no parts being available I tried to weigh out my options of machining the hubs to accept updated tapered roller bearings or figuring a way to repair the ball bearing race. I ended up using one of my hardened seat grinding stones and machined the ball bearing radius on it to grind the race. It ended up looking pretty good – hope it doesn’t bite me in the butt.
I had found an OLD USED TIRED STIFF (you get the point) set of saddle bags. A friend Skip Richardson was able to add new straps and D rings to make them usable. Got them mounted on the rear rack that I built – looking pretty good. Working on fixing my number plates to them. Added required reflector material to the rack – added required 2nd mirror to the bars, and added required rear brake light.
Sure am anxious for the fly wheels to get back so I can finish her up – chomping the bit to get some mileage in.
Stay tuned –

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