Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

28 days

 Left off telling you about the outfit in Kansas that was machining flywheels.
. my parts arrived to them Monday and they got started. I talked with them a few times but Thurs day. CJ figured they would be done and shipped friday.  pretty great.. called Friday and CJ s daughter had an emergency of some sort and he was not in,  the wheels were done but not balanced.  well family is a lot more important than this iron. so I hung a head a bit and went through the day. about 6 – 6 30 that afternoon CJ called and said he had come back to work and finished the wheels. also said his daughter was ok..  I walked in the back door at about 8pm had a bit to eat while talking to miss Linda and decided to head for Wichita and pick them up. the truck I ve been working on is pretty much finished but the camper in it is still causing some set backs, and I have not built a way of off loading it easily yet. Linda had a cancer survivor tri with a good friends of hers on Sunday but needed to be up north sat.. so I got up at 1am on the Indian and down the road by 1 30am headed for Kansas. some of you will find this hard to believe but I had a good 30-40 with gust to prob. 50? out of the north ALL the way there. hit just enough rain just entering Ks. to get a good shiver going. thought about the tire side wear, leaning into the wind all the way but you ll be happy to know the trip back evened out the wear.  walked in the back door about 8pm . no record time but right at 1000 miles, hopefully the saddle time will tough n up parts.
   Sunday. parts are cleaned and I buffed the inner cases, a got the flywheels in the cases .  GOING FORWARD..

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