Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

8/25/2012 ONE WEEK to LEAVING

8/25/2012 ONE WEEK to LEAVING
yesterday was hopefully the last shake down run prior to the Cannonball endurance run. left Falcon about 7;30-8 am headed east out hwy 94, across hwy 71 at Punkin Center then over to 40/287 to Eads Colo.. about a 270-280 mile round trip. got to Eads just a little after 11am. averaging about 50 mph. Linda an Erm in the truck/camper pulling the trailer left home around 10. (WHAT a GAL) heard her say to a friend, by the time i get back i ll have my CDL license. drained the engine cases at Eads and had right at 5+ oz of oil. which is still about 1 oz. over the amount that I m being told should be in them. this has been a on going deal trying to figure out how to achieve this. flushed the cases with two strokes of the oil tank plunger (which makes about 3 ozs.) ran an drained again, then two strokes for the ride home. visited and had a couple beers and a sandwich with Linda and her Dad when she arrived. went and fueled up and headed back west. I ll have to check this again but I think I got 43.5 miles per gal.??? that’s pretty close to the 02 Indian we ride. 83 years and this is the best we can do? anyone that’s every ridden out in the open can more than likely relate to this.
somewhere is a van full of young ns that are still either trying to rub out there eyes or beginning counseling, on the way east on 94 (in a very rural ranch land area) I caught a bee or sometime that is able to bite more than 3 times in the collar of my shirt, after his first mouth full on the front left side he moved to the rear of my neck where after he enjoyed his 2nd bite I was able to grab him rolled up in my shirt with my left hand. which is a good thing. but the problem that became apparent was how do I get the left hand shift into neutral without letting him go. after squeezing the juice out of him (so I thought) I let go to shift the bike into neutral. apparently I had him weed off. he then had a bit more at the shoulder blade and then dropped down that spare tire area .and i was hoping he could nt get past the belt. as quick as I can get the kick stand down I start coming out of my skirt and tee shirt, that’s when the expecting youth group windowed van arrived. to the best that I can tell the driver of the van must have taken my waving and shaking of my shirt and tee shirt as a distress signal, so slowing his vehicle and all the young ns now on the left side of the van with what briefly looked like 30-40 people (ya right) up against the windows to see what was going on. sure glad I had no phone number showing, pretty sure there folks would be wanting monies to help with therapy .
ran threw a pretty good rain on the way home, so the good thing is the bikes electrics don’t arc or short out easily.
need to clean things up adjust chains, check nuts an bolts for tight, mount a additional bag for storage . HOPEFULLY the BIKE is READY………
more to come. gary

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One thought on “8/25/2012 ONE WEEK to LEAVING

  1. oh stuff.. never thought of that.. i sure hope not. but i bet folks would have had a belly laugh.


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