Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Huu mm Mid ity

We hammered pretty good yesterday, shut down just past St Louis around
1:30 2:00 ish. We upgraded and pulled into Sam’s “no truck” parking. Great to see and feel the changes of landscape and weather. Watching the moon come up. (blue moon on the 31st–2nd full moon in a month).
Woke up to a little more aggressive humidity Linda’s hair looks like a blonde Afro… however GW’s…same – On the road at 6:20 windshield wipers coming into play. We are in awe of all the green, the corn has 4 & 5 ears on a stalk and the soy beans would tickle a horses belly. Yea for moisture! Looking forward to another great day!

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5 thoughts on “Huu mm Mid ity

  1. We’re thinkin of ya every mile! Love you’s!!


  2. Gotta LOVE the blonde Afros!! Stay safe and have FUN! Love you guys!!


  3. Good luck you two!


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