Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado


We had a hard time finding a decent price on diesel getting here – so we googled up “cheap diesel” and drove into the little town of Mt. Sterling, KY.  Found fuel – not any less but we got a great story from there.  Heres one on Linda.

Don’t know how many of you have heard Linda’s southern belle drawl –  its pretty convincing.  She asked about using the restroom and was told “you see that red roof over there – they’ll let you use theirs” (can you hear the twang)?? – so she goes and when she comes back she has 2 icecream cones.  When shes within earshot of me I hear a very southern accent from a guy coming out of the gas station.  He askes her “did ya git a chili dog? ”  Linda stops in her tracks – spins to her right and at this point I see the smirk.  I hear her tell him (in her southern drawl) “why no I did not” – this fella hangs and shakes his head a couple of times and tells Linda – “they are legendary!”  Linda says “are they epic?  or just legandary??” now this must have thrown the fell cause now he has lowered his chin, cocked his head, half way closed one eye and says “yer not from around here are ya??”  well by now were sure the whole town of Mt. Sterling via word of mouth and probably by now the newspaper has been forwarned of the invasive blonde she devil that was full of trickery – found out by means of conversating when the word “epic” was used.

were having a blast

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3 thoughts on “.MORE STORIES

  1. Hilarious!!! Too bad THAT wasn’t caught on tape…definitely would’ve made money off of it from the Funny Videos show! :0)


  2. Oh I can still hear Linny’s drawl! Soooo funny! You’ll have some great stories if this epic adventure!


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