Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

He’s In!!

Great day. He got in safe and sound. Had to stop and do some adjusting on the clutch but otherwise as far as I know that’s it. He went to get ice for our beer and I’m cooking our anniversary dinner!!! Yea.

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9 thoughts on “He’s In!!

  1. What a way to spend your anniversary!! HAPPY TRAILS!!!


  2. Joe Basile on said:

    I really admire the patience of Gary. And…the support of his lovely bride. If I was half as patient as Gary, I could have really been something !! LOL !

    You go Gary and Linda !!



  3. Sam & JoAnn on said:

    Happy Anniversary! Glad you had a great day.
    Here’s to tomorrow, another adventure.


  4. Oh yea! Have the time of your life!!


  5. Be Safe! Have a great ride! Wish we could be there!


  6. Deane and Cindy Eller on said:

    Great riding day! Great anniversary! Hope you have another good day tomorrow.


  7. Joe Basile on said:

    Outstanding. Glad I was able to be a small part of this. Happy Anniversary Gary and Linda. What better way to spend it ? jb

    Some pics from yesterday and today:


  8. Happy Anniversary from Skip and Lana!


  9. Happy Happy anniversary!!


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