Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Day 2 under our belt!!

Shaaazzam!!! We made it through another day!! GW ran in a fair amount of rain today. It was heavy in the pickup, can’t imagine on the bike. Those bikes don’t have much breaking power to begin with let alone in the rain. Said he saw a really great bridge, and some amazing country. Our sweet friends from the Lone Wolf tribe Dave, Mert and daughter Audree came to visit us this evening. That whole group which our friends Joe and Frank are part of are unbelievable!! Thanks a million!! I told Mert that this event is like camp for big kids. We don’t know this officially but one guy told us Gary came in third today!!! Very cool. He just had to do a few adjustments on the bike tonight and the regular maintenance, draining the oil – etc. got tomorrows route taped together and in the reader. We’re getting our routine down a little better each day.
I was pretty tickled to get past Cleveland. Taking Chicago on tomorrow. I’m just gonna drive it like I own it. Ha!! It’s a cooler evening here tonight – not quite as much humidity. A guy from the ride brought around a Hugh stack of Little Caesars pizza. He said some guy just dropped them off and told him to take one to who ever wanted one. Yea. No cooking tonight!
I think we are just about done w/our chores – Erms in bed and I think we’re next. Hope you all are doing great. Thanks again for all your prayers and wonderful energy your sending our way. Gary Linda and Erm

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3 thoughts on “Day 2 under our belt!!

  1. Great Job Gary! Everyone here back home is watching. Best of luck tomorrow!



  2. Joe Basile on said:

    Great news. Yea Chicago is a pain, but it’ll be Sunday so maybe not so bad as when I’ve ridden thru there. Man, what a deal. So cool that you guys are doing this and I’m proud to have ridden a small piece of it with…… the man….. the legend…GW !! Keep up the great work and keep them updates coming. I look forward to reading them. jb


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