Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Good morning from Milwaukee

Day 4. Its a cool but full of sunshine morning.
Not sure what time GW came to bed. I turned the light out at 1:00, other folks generators were still running etc. The roads and rain and just general wear and tear is hard on these old girls.
Gary found a broken wire on the solid state magical black box electrical gizmo thingie, and we were given a nut that’s holding the clutch pedal on!! Great people all around us.
Yesterday I had the thought that this must be what it feels like to be in a circus. We caravan from one town to another in our campers/long trailers – unload- the people from the local town come around to see these machines-riders the sounds etc. if only I had a cotton candy machine!
Leaving from the Double Tree in Milwaukee.





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7 thoughts on “Good morning from Milwaukee

  1. Thank you sis. Love you


  2. Enjoying your commentary. Hang in there. Sounds like a great group


  3. …………………………… GO GO #57!!!!


  4. Judy Groves on said:

    Sounds like things are going good, wish I could see the “circus”. Happy trails.


  5. Phil & Karen on said:

    we are so proud of you two!!! hope to see you along the way. call if you need anything.


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