Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

He’s in to Anamosa!!

Great day!!


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9 thoughts on “He’s in to Anamosa!!

  1. Phil and Karen on said:

    Was wanting to meet up at sturges but got doctors appointments, looks like might need to get a new hip soon…… You guys just keep up the good work and have fun…. Best your way PhilnKaren


  2. Deane and Cindy Eller on said:

    I’m glad the race is going well. Keep having fun.
    Deane had his MRI today. Great news: the frontal lobe tumor has decreased in size and
    the temporal lobe (by his right ear) has not grown any more (“stable”). No more new
    tumors were seen. God is answering our prayers.


  3. ………………… YOU DA MAN GARY! ………….. GET SOME!!


  4. Whitehorse on said:

    Sound like you guys are doin great !!!! Just found this blog, thanks to Joe !!!
    I’m planning on meeting ya in Klamath Falls, OR when ya get there.
    Anything I can carry on my bike that ya might need? let me know ?
    Were watchin…… Ride safe and have fun !!!!


  5. Joe Basile on said:

    Wow !! I just checked the standings. Gary has a perfect score so far thru the 1st 3 stages. Man I’m so proud of you guys. Keep up the great work and the great reporting.


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