Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Day 5

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Howdy everyone. We’ve had a great day across Iowa. Very windy in the camper – figured Gary would come in pretty beat up but he had a HUGE smile. He is so stoked. Didn’t get lost today even though his speedo died multiple times. He was the 2nd bike in today! Very cool. We left Anamosa this a.m. to Spirit Lake/Okoboji, Iowa. Neat place. We support folks got a tour of the Indian factory. That was pretty cool. Wish the riders could have seen it.
Finish today was at Okoboji lake. One of three spring fed lakes in the world! Really beautiful.
Dinner hosted tonight by Indian.
All support vehicles are camped out in a local church parking lot for the night. Yep. We’re at the circus.
Course GW is working on the bike after he went to the power wash to get oil off the brakes. Erma and I are sitting out with him. We all visit with the folks that come by.
Rain is predicted for tomorrow. It’ll be another early start and an even longer day. I think his instructions I taped up for his reader said 326 into Murdo, SD.

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4 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Thanks for the photos. They are bigger to view on my screen this time! Sounds like you are having a great time. I get the circus thing…you should see my living room right now and it’s only 8:15! Love yous.


  2. Cori williams on said:

    Wow-2nd bike in!!!! (may be that speedo he’s wearing-people r getting the he k out of his way…hope he’s not getting windburn) 😉 truly tho- is that his speedometer? Need one? These pictures and stories are amazing! What an indescribably epic experience. Very cool that u learned how to put a slideshow on here!
    Enjoy that 3 ring circus! What a neat group of people coming together. (just don’t park by the monkey tent- peeuuu) 😉


  3. ……………………………. NICE GOING GARY!

    We are rooting you on from the sidelines. As a landowner in Wisconsin, I must agree: some of the BEST country and BEST folks anywhere in the USA.

    ………………….. KEEP UP THE FIGHT! GO #57!


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