Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

End of day 4

Great ride today!! Great weather – sunshine, a bit windy at times but generally beautiful. GW says he’s never seen soo many beautiful barns. Wonderful rolling hills going thru Wisconsin – dairy farms – lush. We continue to be so grateful for the kindness of the people were meeting along our adventure. We all know how upside down our country is, but the spirit of human kindness is alive and well. Here’s an example- Ron and Dixie. They show up in New York – we find out that Ron has been reading the blog. He ran for parts for GW – he has loaned a generator to one of the riders – (they will mail it back to him) he reads GW was having trouble and showed up in Milwaukee with exhaust springs for the clutch pedal repair. Guardian angels for sure.
Great reception from the folks in Monroe, WI. What a warm welcome they gave us.
Hosted dinner at the Anamosa Motorcycle museum.
Re-adjusted the valves – tightened the brakes – lube . Nothing major to fix thank goodness. L





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