Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Vector speed/odometer

If anyone has any ideas about why this gizmo keeps shutting itself off and resetting let us know. The first time was the day of heavy rain. We replaced the battery and it worked for two days and then today its doing this. Thanks L

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7 thoughts on “Vector speed/odometer

  1. Joe Basile on said:

    Doubt this helps either, but on my 04 Victory if the speed sensor gets VERY wet, it’ll affect the operation of the speedo. It is an itermittent thing and has been known to manifest for up to 3 days after the moisture was had. Careless water hose washing is a no-no as well.


  2. Thanks. Well try that


  3. Cori williams on said:

    Not sure if it’s the sensor or a small part somewhere but keep in mind rice in a bag pulls out moisture really well!


  4. Cori williams on said:

    Maybe follow Hair dryer with Saran wrap?? On the bike- not your blond fro, linny!


  5. Cori williams on said:

    Read a little online… Could the rain be affecting the sensor that does the actual speed measuring (& then sends it up to the odometer)? One guy said he had a cable that was severed & his would go in/out but not with weather… Not sure that helps & I’m sure u’ve checked that. Maybe an automotive shop?


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