Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

A big thank you to Apex Sports

Thanks guys!


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3 thoughts on “A big thank you to Apex Sports

  1. Ron and Dixie Westervelt on said:

    Hi again, Linda and Gary,

    I guess that I was a day off on my itinerary and that today is Sheridan and tomorrow the mountains and Yellowstone. So, I can add to my advice list, which you probably don’t need, the idea of pumping a little extra oil now and then on any long incline and maybe closing the throttle to suck oil up into the cylinders if the opportunity should present itself. Oh, also, just for the mountains—high test gasoline burns slower and cooler–for what it’s worth, if anything.

    Was bummed to see local guy (two towns over from us) Steven Barber (74) lose his perfect score on Stage 6 by just 24 miles. Steve had used his perfect score on the 2010 run in advertising his Harley engine building business. Oh well—— the mystery is that, initially, the Stage 6 results had showed him finishing that stage??!!

    Am really wondering about all the reported engine out rebuilds. Is it lack of adequate attention to pre-Cannonball preparation? I can’t imagine how the early motorcycle industry could have survived total rebuilds after 2000 miles, but, then again, even luxury cars like Packard had to have the oil pans dropped every 20,000 miles to scape the carbon sludge build up out of the bottom in the days of non-detergent oils———we’re very spoiled now and wouldn’t tolerate that kind of high maintenance.

    Again, safety and success and thanks again for kepping us posted via the blog.

    Ron and Dixie


    • I’ll find out more about the engine failures. We weren’t in where everyone was working – one guy we knew was running too lean. Sure is fun to have you follow along


  2. Linda! Post a photo of your swanky digs! I’d love to see a pic of the trailer and your home you are carting around!


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