Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado


Whew! A day off. Slept in, a real breakfast, laundry, wrenching. Really a great day. Erma got to run around (we camped at one of the campgrounds) great weather.
Our friends Ron, Theresa and Eric rode up from the Springs. Great to see them, and a HUGH thank you to them for the moola. It will come in handy, and it certainly is appreciated.
Bikes on display on main street – dinner hosted at the armory. Loads of guys still working on their bikes tonight.
Gary just told me there were over 20 bikes with engines and transmissions out at the Holiday Inn and at Competition Distributing from total engine builds to machining of parts. Knock on wood were still good to go.
We’re off to Wyoming tomorrow.






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4 thoughts on “MUCH NEEDED

  1. We had a blast with you guys in Sturgis. Hope its smooth sailing from here.
    Ron,Therese and Eric


  2. Joe Basile on said:

    Glad you guys enjoyed your well deserved break. I love the shots at the Cannonball site of the Badlands and Mt Rushmore. Very cool indeed. Keep up the great work. jb


  3. Ron and Dixie Westervelt on said:

    Hi Gary and Linda,

    We made it home to New York from Milwaukee, arriving early in the evening on Tuesday 9/11.

    Have been following your blog and others along with the Motorcycle Cannonball website. Glad to see that #57 and rider are hanging in with a perfect score so far.

    If you haven’t geared down a bit for the trip up and over to Yellowstone, I’m sure that you are wise enough not to lug it and to shift down with relatively light thottle to keep the heat build up down (the J’s biggest enemy due to a cast iron blind cylinder with marginal finning). Also, you may find that you need to dial the main jet a little leaner in the rare air (sounds counter-intuitive but thinner air will richen the mixture)–you probably knew that also. I suspect that the ranks will thin even more with the challenge of a 10,000 foot pass, although the word was that it is somewhat gradual.

    Was great to meet you folks, and we pray the very best for you safety and success wise for the remaining days of Cannonball 2012.

    Best regards,

    Ron Westervelt

    PS–Dixie says “hello.”


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