Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

In to Sheridan

Good day. Except … a guy stopped….looked right at Gary and then pulled right out in front of him. The rear break drum bent and broke Gary was able to miss the pick-up. So he drove over 200 miles today without the use of breaks. Good thing we were in Wyoming. A team from Kansas
is letting him use one of theirs to get to CA. See what I mean about kindness!? One of the guys (Jerry from WI) is helping him wrench.
Extremely grateful Gary is ok.
Finished up the repair, serviced the bike and were ready for bed by 10:00.
Headed for Yellowstone tomorrow. Seems that there’s a cold front coming in and we’ll be climbing. Looks like layers for the morning.



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13 thoughts on “In to Sheridan

  1. Good to hear you’re scootin along and things are holding up. Stay safe.


  2. Daughters don’T like to hear about potential accidents. Makes us worry.

    Glad you are safe and OK, I know you are watching out. Needless to say to have to…be safe, love you both.


  3. rudy hayworth on said:

    I ve been following you and linda on your EPIC endeavor, wish I was there. keep on truckin RUDY


  4. Phil and Karen on said:

    Well Gary, kinda makes me think about that disc brake conversion again, we knew brakes might be an issue….. stay safe buddy…..


  5. PS- I have a brake drum…….. or two.


  6. Nicely Done Gary! Glad you are OK. I am leaving to Bowhunt Elk today so no posts for a week but I will be cheering you on from the High Country!




  7. Joe Basile on said:

    Yup. Go gettum GW !! Good luck with the brake issue.


  8. Glad Gary is ok!


  9. Ron and Dixie Westervelt on said:

    Gary and Linda,

    Sorry about the rear brake drum, but very very glad about the accident avoidance. Let me know if you have no spare drum available in CO after you give the borrowed one back in CA. I might have something hanging around here. Better cool than hot for the bikes on the Stage 9 pull———-go gettum!!!

    Ron (and Dixie)


    • GW says he’s not sure of a source for one. Herd they were making them in Germany. But if you have one you’d like to sell, or know of one please let me know I’d appreciate it. Thanks a million. Looking forward to a great day, and hope you have one as well.


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