Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Day 10 Yellowstone to Jackson

Sorry for the late post. Busy day. The riders started off from Yellowstone in a fog with a light frost 30 degrees. GW had to stop several times to de-ice. Yellowstone Lake is fantastic. 109 sq miles. It feels oceaney.
Some riders opted to wait the fog out for a while hoping it would burn off. They took a loop ride around the park to Old Faithful, down into Teton National Park and into Jackson. The sun did finally come out and it was gorgeous.
Busy day for the GWW team. Got into Jackson tracked down propane and water for the camper and food for Erm. You know we were so worried this trip was going to be too hard on her, but she’s eating this up, loves the attention, and her company to me in the pickup is invaluable.
We’re “camped” out at the Jackson fairgrounds tonight.
GW is working on the bike. Vibration and a “noise” when he gets on it. In checking the bike out tonight found that the chain was sliddywampus (my word not his). Replaced the chain w/an old one. Called around to motorcycle shops but none were to be had. I’ll look around tomorrow in Idaho.
Feel like we’re finally hitting our stride. Knowing what each other needs and what needs to be done.
I hear Gary outside the camper visiting with the folks that have come out to see the bikes. He’s in hog heaven. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this happy.
Again, how does it get any better?
Big day tomorrow into Mountain Home, ID. 360 miles for support. 290 for riders. Start for Gary is 7:45.

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8 thoughts on “Day 10 Yellowstone to Jackson

  1. Judy Groves on said:

    Hi Cuz….Hope all is well with you & Linda. Sounds like you having the time of your life…How Wonderful for you both. Today is my bday so I’m sending you both good wishes for more fun and happy trails…:-) Love from KY


  2. Sounds like an ‘epic’ adventure!! Love the updates and love hearing how happy Gary-Dad is! You mentioned the lake felt a little oceaney….I know somewhere you could get a GREAT ocean experience (hint, hint…wink, wink)! Love you guys! Stay safe!


  3. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Well, well–request a post and VIOLA, you receive a post. Thank You! Glad that the icyees didn’t get you. Gary, I know that the motor mount bolts are castle nuts with cotter pins, but check them as well as the transmission mounting bolts and anything else that could be loosening up. A lot of the big scenery is behind you–stay with it on the home stretch as far as maintenance and alertness if the days start turning into dog days (Uh, sorry Erma). Glad you are enjoying this–we are also.———-Ron and Dixie


  4. Love you SO much, Dadd-i-o! Keep on keepin’ on! 😀


  5. Whitehorse on said:

    Awsome… probably gonna be cool in the mornings till ya get to the coast in Fortuna now.. Ride safe ….


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