Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Day 9 Sheridan to Yellowstone

English: Yellow stone lake in Yellowstone Nati...

English: Yellow stone lake in Yellowstone National Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Support crew left today before riders due to the course being the same.
Doing a bit of catch up here from yesterday.
The last 100 miles GW said he was constantly adjusting the carburetor trying to get it stable. BUT when he got in of course his big fire was the brake drum issue, finding one, getting it on and adjusted. Sooo he kinda was sidetracked and forgot what he had going on fuel wise. Today, Sunday the 16th, he kicked for 20 min trying to get the bike started. Put a charger to it thinking it might be spark, (didn’t work) drained the carb bowl to see if it was water in the fuel- finally pulled the bowl itself off – and found the float that he had replaced prior to the Cannonball, and secured with lock tight a small brass machine screw and nut, apparently the fuel were using now broke it down. Got it back together just minutes before the start.
Today’s ride had quite a bit of elevation change, cool weather helped us all out with that.
Beautiful twisties on route today.
Yellowstone is beautiful. Trees are starting to change. The fire years ago didn’t do it any favors though. Not much new growth in places. Seems the fire swept thru just hot enough to kill the trees, but not burn them down. Very sad. The forest looks like its waiting to grow. After our fire this summer we have a lot of sympathie.
Cool Rainey evening. Grateful for the trailer to get inside to service the bike tonight. Just maintenance thank goodness.
No cell no Internet no tv. This is very nice.
The camper is warm and cozy. All our hard work is paying off.

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2 thoughts on “Day 9 Sheridan to Yellowstone

  1. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Hi Gary and Linda,
    Good to hear——truth be known, the fuel consistency and quality is probably causing more than 0ne type of problem with the old bikes. I understend that you weren’t able to post this yesterday (Sunday) but am anxious to find out how you made out in the early morning freezing fog today (Monday)–never a dull moment–but from this date on in Yellowstone it well could have been snow!

    Blessings———Ron and Dixie


    • Wow how great to have you riding along. Gary was doing pushups behind a fuel stop in Yellowstone to warm up and a woman saw him and said “man you must really be cold”.
      Bike seems to be running as good as it has been. Hopefully locate some 530 chain in ID tomorrow. Hope you both are well.


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