Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Day/Stage 11

Jackson, WY to Mountain Home ID.
Great nights sleep out at the fairgrounds. It was a very crisp morning.
Some of the folks that were around visiting with GW last night came back this morning to see him off. Very nice. Chilly waiting for the start, and then they had quite a climb up Teton pass.
Gary said the bike pulled good going up, “the engine is as strong as it ever was” he says. Had some bolts come loose on the carburetor, one stripped a little but that’s fixed.
Team GWW got cinnamon twists from the Bunnery (a great bakery in Jackson) before leaving town. Called several motorcycle shops in Pocatello, ID to no avail for chain. Did find one here in Mountain home that will work.
Lots of riders with bike issues tonight. The crew next to us tonight is putting a brand new engine into their BSA. Another new friend has issues with his 101 Indian Scout and he may be out now. We’ll see in the morning.
Gary replaced the rear tire tonight – that has taken quite a long time – and then there’s the regular maintenance. Chain is still stretching.
The photographer for this trip came and took photos and did an interview. He took some pics of Gary and Erma together I can’t wait to see.
I got a real shower tonight- that was amazing.
Overall a real great day. A warm and sunny afternoon and a cool evening.
We’ve lost track of the days now. I think that really means we’re on vacation. We are still so very grateful to be able to do this ride.
Tomorrow is a later start and only like 250 ish miles. That will be nice AND there is a hosted dinner when we get there. It’s Mountain Home to Burns, OR. Looking forward to it.





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3 thoughts on “Day/Stage 11

  1. Can’t wait to see pics from the photographer too! Thought these are some GREAT shots!! 🙂 lov to all 3 of u!


  2. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Hi Keep having to remember the time difference in waiting for your posts–even longer starting tomorrow when you go “Pacific”–that means you’re getting closer! Looks as if your four-legged technical assistant is holding up. So glad “the noise” wasn’t internal engine-related. Keep those nuts and bolts tightened up (hard to get a good mixture w/o a carb). Brent Johnson (`27 J) had primary chin problems also–fixed on road. Smart move on the preventive tire change! Get some rest and take care tomorrow——-Ron and Dixie — PS–I do have a rear “brake shell”–let me know.


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