Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

In to Burns!

Great ride! Beautiful part of

. Bright and sunny was the start for today. Gary and I were shedding layers which was a great switch from the last couple of days.
The chain is still a little bit off. Mostly general maintenance tonight. A couple of other riders are here at the trailer working on their bikes. Ian from England and Jerry from WI. Great guys.
GW said the only draw back for today was having to ride with a helmet, and that the semi trucks are extra long. He says “they are longer than a freight train” it took them forever to get around him when they would pass.
We had a hosted dinner here tonight in the (way) back parking lot of the Best Western. (see the attached pic of our servers for tonight’s meal). Gives a whole new meaning to work release.
The bikes were on parade till 6:00. Pacific time. Great reception from the town of Burns. I’d say the majority of folks though are from the surrounding area. Gary loves visiting with them so much. He says I’ve ruined him.
Its really cooling down and the skeeters are out. Wet moon tonight. Mom and dad always say that’s a sign for rain.
They are still cutting hay here, and there’s a lot of irrigation. Nice farm land. The drought has hit them hard as well as evidenced by the fires.
Looking forward to tomorrow into Klamath Falls. 270 miles for support and around the same for the riders.

Future Cannonball Rider

Future Cannonball Rider




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3 thoughts on “In to Burns!

  1. GW, you are doing a helluva job keepin the old scoot runnin.

    Linda same to, keep the old guy straight and runnin strong. 🙂


  2. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Hi guys—1st 45 in ranking made full mileage today + 8 more. Very little change in position. Hope Ian (yes, nice fellow) can get going and also small BMW(cracked piston-bent rod.)* Are we talking your primary or rear chain alignment “(curious minds want to know)?”—keep a watch–you have done this mostly on your own (no big mechanical support team)—keep up the great work! Safety and success! Ron and Dixie
    *I’ve been following several other blogs also


    • Hi Ron. It’s the primary. He’s eaten two chains due to the worn out sprockets he is using. It is aligned its just the worn out sprockets – getting plenty of oil. Thanks a million for your input .


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