Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Burns to K Falls

Great start to the day. Lonnie just said “Gary’s doing great. That bike runs like scalded ape”.


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3 thoughts on “Burns to K Falls

  1. Just got back in from Elk Hunting. GREAT to read all the progress. GO #57!!!!


  2. Hey Gary and Linda, you’re about to reach my old stomping grounds in Sonoma co. Wish I could see the trip across the golden gate bridge, way to cool. Keep up the good work. eric


  3. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Hey, good morning. “Like a scalded ape,” eh? Tell Gary not to let that go to his head with worn out motor and clutch hub sprockets eating his primary chains. Easy does it–unless he’s got a belt drive conversion ready to go!! Darn, I had spare motor sprockets with me in the car—clutch hub, that’s another matter. I talk too much and part of it is wishing we were there with you folks. Blessings of safety and success. Ron (and Dixie)


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