Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Stage 13

Beautiful day here in Oregon. Lots of sunshine. We don’t know whether to be happy or sad that we only have today plus three to the finish.
Soo today about 15 miles out, the rear hub nut came loose and allowed the rear chain sprocket to jump off the splines. As soon as that happens it de-rails the chain and you can’t move. AGAIN…lucky no damage was done to the hub nut or hub threads. So GW removed the rear tire, checked the rear bearing, axel and threads and put it back together and was on his way. However the sweep wagon was on him, & you only have a short period of time to get going, or get on the wagon. So he made sure he was ahead of it from then on.
Great twisties. Great elevation changes and country side.
Lots of beautiful hay fields, potatoes and logging.
Tonight a van pulls up to where we’re working on the bike (were camped tonight in a “Big Lots” empty shopping center parking lot.). She says. “is there a circus in town?”. We thought that was pretty funny.
Looking forward to tomorrow. Towards the coast to Crescent City and down HWY 101 to Fortuna. I told Gary it was going to be awful, that he’d need some moral support and that I should be on the back of the bike.
Great day. Again so grateful he is in and safe.


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2 thoughts on “Stage 13

  1. Gary is looking competitive today! eric


  2. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Hi Gary and Linda,

    Gary said “you must be my ‘fairy godfather'”when I came up with a spring in Milwaukee. No, but having so far twice avoided the grim reaper and the dread sweeper, I might start putting somw stock in guardian angels.

    Keep it tight, and as old #69 Dave Kafton would say–“God Bless.”

    Continued safety and success,

    Ron and Dixie


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