Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Stage 15.

Fortuna to Cotati.
Pretty cool evening last night. GW was out working on the bike till I’d say 11:00 ish. He put new chains on ( one I picked up in Eurika ( a big thank you to the Harley dealer there for their help) they didn’t have a chain but called around and found me one. GW repacked the rear hub, adjusted intake and exhaust valves, checked and adjusted points and plugs, topped off the oil tank, lube, and brakes checked for broken and loose parts. Seems like a lot.
I managed to get a couple of loads of laundry in after dinner. So we went to bed and fell off to sleep right away. Actually just about every night has been that way. We’ve discussed if we can get to sleep without the serenade of the generators and lights once we get home.
Today’s ride was amazing. The redwoods have quite a presence about them. Maybe it’s because of how old they are. Great curvy roads, and with the sun popping in and out of the trees it was spectacular. Views of the ocean, redwoods, napa valley. Man are we lucky.
I waited at the Harley dealer in Cotati for about 3 hours and change for GW to get in, so i was getting a little figitity by the time he arrived. What with the rear sprocket issue and all (there have been a couple of days he has beat me to the last check in) He made it in with time to spare. Dinner was hosted by the “Michaels Harley Davidson” in Cotati. Great meal and evening. Bikes on display till 7:00. Then to the Hampton Inn parking lot for maintenance.
Erm has grass and dirt to run around in and is happy.
Not too much work on the bike tonight. Got some of it done in the parking lot at the Harley shop.
My last night of loading the GPS. I just got my technique down too.
Looking forward to tomorrow. We’re not sure if we’re happy or sad.
They will have a police escort across the golden gate bridge into San Francisco. Pretty cool. We are constantly amazed at how fantastic this trip has been.








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6 thoughts on “Stage 15.

  1. Well….since you’ve got the hang of the GPS thing, I’ve got an address you could enter!!! (hint, hint…wink, wink)! Love you guys! Soo glad you got to experience this awesome journey together! What a sight it will be to see all those beautiful bikes on the bridge….wish I could’ve seen it first-hand! Stay safe, love you lots!


  2. COLORADO could not be more PROUD! Nicely done Gary and Crew!


  3. Joe Basile on said:

    Sure is beautiful there. Congrats to team GW for making all of this happen. Wow, what a ride. You all should be very proud and I can understand how you dont know whether to be happy or sad. If anyone I know could pull this off its GW…hands down… and he’s close to the finish line now. Again, congratulations to all of you on a great showing. jb


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