Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

11/24/2013 up date (Friends and Help)


greetings all,  Hope you are all well. just a little up date on a cold day here in Colo..

thank goodness work keeps rolling or dragged in. sure is getting in the way of motorcycle building though.

just joking. without it my passion would be non existent.  so evenings and some of the week ends are being busy.  the bike is pretty much in the state of (what is it).someone looking at it would ask..  its slow going but have got a few things done. got the flywheels cleaned, polished and sealed the ruff casting areas to try to help keep the suet, carbon and filth to a minimum. checked and buffed the rods also. im using Z flywheels and rods from a newer Indian engine (40s).. also cleaned and sealed the primary cases.


the cam side cases have a few issues, one being the baffles being broke out. after talking to folks that have been around these older total loss engines.  found alot of pros and cons on this.  this may be boring to some.  one of the purposes of these are to try to control the amount of oil being slung or drawn into the cylinders, part of todays thoughts are with current pistons and better rings, controlling oil consumption, and burning by what gets by the rings is no longer a issue. and after 1930 the rear cylinder only took half a baffle. so my thoughts as of now are to repair only the front baffle area only. after talking in an email to George Yarocki (a well known Indian builder) and a humble man that starts off saying  i ve made enough errors through the years to where i can now build a pretty good motor and understand most of the pitfalls.  thank you sir for taking the time with is appreciated.. he also shared about the most glaring pitfall being the wrist pin. using the round clip you must grind a small chamfer on each end of the wrist pin, then bend the two tails on the clip out about 5 degrees. George explained the Indian company never discovered this easy fix which only takes a few seconds to save the many cylinders that have been scored.


We met Geroge Yarocki during the last Cannonball.  He is an amazing mechanic and a very kind man.

linda's i-phone 613

now on to the side car body. in my last update i talked about a sidecar body that we were able to buy.  good friends Phil an Karen of Greeley Colo. (both are Indian riders) gave the the heads up about the body. Thank you guys.  they also made our first trip to the Davenport antique motorcycle swap a great time..

now for a bit about a fella i have never even met. a good friend and Indian rider of Phil an Karen s.

Ron Wilmington out of Tenn.. ¬†Phil had called Ron to see about help getting the body picked up. ¬†Ron jumps right in and says Yes. he made the contact with the seller for a time that would work for them . ¬†picked up the body in Georgia . he then covered the open crate with visqueen to protect it. ¬†hauls it back to Tenn. stores it, then loads it up and hauls it all the way to the Texas Pan Handle to Judge Bob and Cathys home. A Million Thank You’s Ron!!! Hope to be able to return the favor.


Linda and I hooked up the trailer to the old camper and headed to Texas after work Friday. ¬†Ran thru a bit of ice and snow. ¬†Slow going for a while. ¬†Got into Gruver, Tx about 1;30 a.m. and beded down for the night. ¬†Sure glad the heater worked in the camper. ¬†Saturday morning ¬†met Bob and Cathy at the local cafe CJ’s in Gruver for breakfast. ¬†(Bob’s pretty sneaky, ¬†beat me paying for breakfast) . ¬†Followed them out to their beautiful home and loaded up the sidecar body. ¬† Bob and Cathy are also Indian Riders. Thank you both, great to get re-acquainted with you.


Had a quicker trip home as the roads had been cleaned up a bit. ¬†Stopped by to see Linda’s dad in Eastern Colorado for coffee and a few fig newtons. ¬†Colorado’s drought has produced a fair amount of tumble weeds. ¬†Seems that when nothing else will grow the weeds take over. ¬†They are quite plentiful here on the eastern planes of Colorado.


till the next update. see you in the funny papers.

Gary and Linda

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7 thoughts on “11/24/2013 up date (Friends and Help)

  1. Phil and Karen on said:

    Gary, been making any progress?


  2. Phil and Karen on said:

    Inside is what counts. You still wanta try welding the baffle? I got some aluminum cleaner from my buddy Dan, think I will be goin to the shop on Saturday.


  3. Bob Davis on said:

    It was Great to see the 2 of ya’ll,, & Cathy & I were very happy to be able to help out.
    We will be stopping by your house on our next trip up to Colorado.


  4. Phil and Karen on said:

    Hey Gary those wheels look so fine maybe we need to figure a way to hang em on the outside of the cases…..


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