Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

engine and trans cases

a bit more info on the cases. ¬†the engine cases i have are a miss matched set so the left numbers side had the baffles broke out. talked to quite a few folks in the know and got quite a few different answers about replacing them or not. decided to try to put them back close to being stock. ¬†after cleaning, beading, and baking them i made the attempt to tig weld on them, after 5 or 6 attempts of watching bad things going on i stopped. ¬†i have welded for many years and may come close to being able to weld a snow ball to a plate glass window with a arc welder, but tig welding has never been a every day need. and tig welding on 80 plus year old non replaceable, titled cases gave me the heebeegeebeess. thats where my Indian riding friend Phil comes in. (thats Phil in the above photo) ¬†after talking to him about what i had going on he does not hesitate and says i have a bottle of acid and would be glad to help. ¬†he has tig d for many years and has prob. forgot more than i will ever know about tig welding aluminum. so we drove up to Phil ¬†and Karen’s shop near Erie Colo. and he gave up a good part of his Sunday to help me out.

THANKS PHIL  !!!!!!!

transmission case

and another bath.


told the Indian to behave while in the tub with its knucklehead cousin.


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One thought on “engine and trans cases

  1. Phil and Karen on said:

    Hey Gary, them old cases cleaned up real nice….


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