Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Happy New Year 2014

Wish you all the Best of Health and Happiness for 2014.  who d a thunk we d make it this far. entry forms and fee were mailed out on the 22nd..

what i ve been saying to be next year is now this year, 8 months to the start of a new adventure , Cannonball 2014. need to quit messing around and get busy ER.

sure am pretty lucky for allot of reasons. my health,family,friends,work, and my partner in this blink of an eye time we have here. these old bikes and riding are a real big part of my drive now days. and i think its cooler than the other side of the pillow that i m lucky enough to pull this off. truth is,  i m way out of my league in knowledge and finances for dabbling in this, and without friends and help would not be able to pull this off. especially my  Linda Lou, always beside me, grabs my boot laces when i m floating a bit to high or putting a arm around me when i m slowing down wondering what the hell am i doing.              MY THANKS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok.. the plan is to have a running bike by spring. and along the way to be close on having the sidecar ready to mount. have a few more bushings to make prior to heating the cases one last time. then a appointment with Jim Wall in Denver to line hone the cases. hopefully this will be in the next two weeks. then start assembly of the engine. have a few more tweaks and updates to do to cases.  the frame and tins are now apart. have a few repairs to do then blast, prep and have had a friend ( Eric Tolleson) offer to paint them. again pretty lucky. still need to strip the spokes and wheels, order spokes. disassemble the mag and generator and beat feet up to another friend, Gene Harper s in Denver for a hands on rebuild class.                                           the sidecar chassis parts haven’t found there way here yet  to start a list on what and how to approach it. after the bike is together there will be a good amount of time spent threw trial an error, this old girl even being a 74 cubic inch was only rated at 8 1/2 horsepower. and i d like to see over double that without causing heat or shorting her life. esp. with Linda and I trying to do this together with no support vehicle or team chasing us across the USA. until the next update.    a few photos as of today.








and taken off the computer.  pretty good laugh..


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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2014

  1. Best of luck to you Gary. Me and the whitehorse will be joining up with you when you reach Idaho. We then will ride on it to Tacoma WA and we are truly looking forward to it. See you then.

    Whitehorse and DangerousDan


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