Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

1/12/2014 Sunday update

hope everyone is well.   work was busy this week, its a good thing. not allot of head way but did make a few things to be able to install race. oven-ed the cases and installed bushings and race, reamed bushings, and sealed one case. as cases were cooling i heard a ping (yep the sound that makes ya say OH CRAP) turns out to be a piece off one of the welded baffles. hard call on how much weld to remove. guess i took a bit to much.  i m glad it happened now rather than running down the road. i dressed the area with a die grinder and will run it as is.. hoping to have a bit more for the next update.  a few photos.










paying to bills.




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One thought on “1/12/2014 Sunday update

  1. on said:

    All is well with me and Diana. keeping informed with your updates will help me appreciate the efforts that you put into this sport, which would be easy to overlook when the finish product is rolling down the road. Thanks Gary and God’s speed DangerousDan & Diana


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