Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Sunday update 2/2/2014

Evening, hope your all good. 46 days to spring! This past week we  got about 4 to 5  inches of snow. Grateful for the much needed moisture but can do without the cold. My skin must be getting thin. I REALLY DON’T LIKE COLD anymore!!!   I sure have a lot to be thankful for and want  to thank all the folks that are constantly helping me make this happen..  this week  got a bit more rust, pitting, cracks and holes repaired.  Eric is gonna have a hands full.Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image .  pulled the front leaf spring suspension stack apart and polished up the leafs, they should flex and slide easier making for a better ride. need to think this out more, paint them separately or grease between them and paint them as a stack. i ve seen a photo of a leather cover for the stack to keep grease in and grit out, that may be a option. Image Image Image Image got back on the cam side cases. while at Jim Walls in Denver, Gene Harper showed me some later year cases that were drilled in the area of the lifters adding a bit more oiling, i drilled the cases in hopes to better the oiling. i was also shown updates done to cases using later day seals at the generator and magneto areas to help with oil consumption/loss. centered up and bored the cases to except seals. Image Image Image Image Image Image I ll talk more on brakes later. but i ve gone back an forth on fabing a brake on the side car and have decided to do without. here is a sidecar hub that pretty much like every other part needs some attention.  it was run loose or got some one home at some point. (IF THESE PARTS COULD TALK. WHAT STORIES THEY COULD SHARE). Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Thats about all i pulled off this week. hopefully i ll have more to share next sunday. to you folks that enjoy bike history, i saw on the AMCA calender this morning that today in 1912 Schwinn purchased the Excelsior Motor Co. for 500,00.00. thats some major cash in 1912. Hope you all a great week and LAUGH LOTS times clicking along.

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10 thoughts on “Sunday update 2/2/2014

  1. Phil and Karen on said:

    My old 99 ford super duty has plastic spacers between the front leaf springs, likely UHMW bout >060″ thick… would eliminate the grease which attracts grit and grime. Just a thought Gary. If those brakes aren’t much better than the Harley Id strongly suggest shoe in up the side car, ya got Linda riding along and you don’t need another close one like up in wildoming….


    • hi Phil, Dam its cold…. 11 below when i left the shop. i like the ideal. MUCH. theres a spring shop in Colo. Springs next time i go in i ll see whats available. in taking to Gene and a fella back east , (tom). both run miles on early chiefs with cars and say braking is pretty fair. when i get that far if its scary we ll have to figure out a way to putting something on the car. i like the mechanical single caliper info you sent. adapting a rotor to the hub and figuring out how to energize it without overcoming the bikes brakes to stay straight may be a undertaking. you guys stay warm if you can. and yes that fella in wyo. got my attention.. gary


  2. Joe Basile on said:

    Looks to me like its coming along nicely. Great job, and great updates. Love reading these.


  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Gary. We understand that it would be difficult to push yourself along on the project and there are so many reasons not to go forward. You are patching a piece of history together so it can go on, the reward is that you get to ride the historic piece in to the future and not just anybody can do that. Thanks from your followerers and respectful friends. Looking forward to the next update and I will see you on the road.

    Have you givin your bike a name?


    • Ron Westervelt on said:

      Hi Gary,

      My Dad worked for Cadillac dealerships from `32-75. Early on, as a mechanic, one of the common maintenance functions was to remove the covers from these types of leaf springs on the luxury cars and repack them with grease. Can’t hurt if you can find the time with everything else you need to complete. Keep up the good work. Ron


      • Whitehorse on said:

        Your gettin there.
        I got a question that maybe be better in an email?
        Dangerous Dan (Dan Gannon, above),maybe a few more, and I are looking at being in Lewstion ID with ya and then to the finish. Now you got real problems…. LOL
        Shoot me an email if ya dont mind. Thanks


      • evening Ron, seeing this is about the only thing on the bike that gives any chance of absorbing shock i m pretty sure i need to pay attention to them. after reading about the leafs a bit if i can find some of the thin plastic or composite that will hold up between them i d like to try it prior to using grease. i d imagine your Dad would have known all the tricks of making a better ride. you guys doing good we hope..


    • evening Dan, thanks again for the push. lots of learning curve and enjoy being able to learn as i go. just hope to be able to pull this off. and have allot of laughs doing it.


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