Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Sunday update 2/9/2014

Evening, hope everyone is good. (and Warm)  there’s a song by a Simon guy that says, how did i get so soft in the middle. pops into my head. there’s only room for one spare tire on this bike so starting this week i,ll be working on the series 60 i have allowed to form.  i wussed out working late this week, by the time 5 – 5;30 rolled around i was toast. i really don’t like the cold let along sub zero temps. not sure about this whining and i should be use to weather, always seemed a wrench would either burn your hand in the summer or stick to it in the winter. here are the service and weld trucks i worked out of for 18 years. been inside now for 14 and its great being out of the elements.  I AM PRETTY LUCKY.  this next week is gonna be much better. and hopefully will have allot to update with.


hears a photo of one head with a beat exhaust nipple that was removed.Image



and a head with rusted missing spark plug threads.


although i mag fluxed the rods and came up with a good set, after reading and being giving a heads up i opted to buy a  Hbeam style to use in the Indians heart.



i don’t have a photo to show this week. but a good friend Gary VanDeBrake honed the Chiefs cyls this week, they cleaned up at .020 over.  that pretty amazing to me, as they still have some life left in them. for the next care taker to work with.                                                                                   40 DAYS TO SPRING and i ve told myself i want to have a running bike.                                               WILL IT HAPPEN?   everyone have a great week. MAKE IT SO..


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One thought on “Sunday update 2/9/2014

  1. Thanks for the update Gary. Can’t wait to see you cylinders pictures and good luck on the heads. I know that the heads are probably no big deal for you but they sure are important to get it right. A lot going on for just a cylinder cap.


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