Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Sunday 3/16/2014

evening all, hope you are all good.

this past Monday i picked up my flywheels i had dropped off last week while in Denver. they were only off by 1 1/2 oz. and were dynamic balanced at 65%. i m looking forward seeing how they feel.



that same monday was a antique motorcycle meeting that was held a Woody’s Wheel Works. after spending time dissembling, cleaning and blasting them i have decided to replace two of the three because of the excessive amount of material missing do to rust. i spoke with Chris while at Woodys and he was going to try to find two 19″ wheels to re spoke to my hubs. they have quite the set up and are into allot more than just wheels.


so the only 19″ wheel i have to run is a heavy spoke  wheel for the sidecar.  it had been run loose at some time and had been hit. i was able to straighten the flange area. this hub originally had loose ball bearings captured by matching profile races and sealed with tin washers and felts. i have bored the hub to except later tapered roller bearings and races and seals . and will be making the axle.


i measured two sets of rods to find the clearance between the press in large end rod races to know how to install the new races in the fancy new rods. made yet another tool to help press them in.

.IMG_1355 IMG_1356 IMG_1357 IMG_1359 IMG_1377 IMG_1381 IMG_1383 IMG_1385 IMG_1386

washed up the flywheels and parts for assembly and truing.

IMG_1388 IMG_1389 IMG_1392 IMG_1391

at this time i m not quite sure how the devil i missed this in the disassemble, lapping, and numerous cleaning but one of the four rod bearing cages was shorter. bummer.. i was wanting to have the wheels done today. oh well. Jim Wall in Denver had an extra that i can replace so he is gonna mail it to me.  eventually  this will come together.


all in all it was a good day. i ve been trying to lend a hand to a friend building a 1941 knucklehead engine on the week ends. and Jeff got her finished up this Sat..  he and Rudy came down from Woodland Park to pick her up today. guess Jeff was a bit leery of strapping it on the rear of his BMW to get it home. which i don’t understand, he s got his tires stud-ed and two wheels in 8″ of snow to get here on the weekends. (he s a ridden fool)  I LIKE IT…  but its ok with me, got to have a beer with him and Rudy.  CONGRATS on the engine build its gonna be a great runner you did a great job….


IMG_1395 IMG_1396

sure hope to have allot more completed work to share next Sunday.   hope you all the best. and LAUGH LOTS.. oh yea 4 days to spring..

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7 thoughts on “Sunday 3/16/2014

  1. Thanks for the update GW. Can’t wait to see the bike.


  2. Amy Wright on said:

    Dad, you’re looking busy. Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 04:38:46 +0000


  3. I bought my Indian 19″ new repro rims from Walker Machine. Good quality, straight and round. When I bought mine some years ago, the spoke tits was drilled for rear wheel spoke angles only and I had to adjust that slightly for the front wheel spoke angles. It may have changed now so he has front rims, I don’t know.


    • thank you for the info. i,ll check into it. that front wheel hub with the drum and two different spokes does throw off the angle offset. curious how that’s compensated. thanks . gary


    • hello Charlie, sorry for just now seeing this. (not real good on the computer). thank you for the info and the offer. very nice of you. thou they are not the correct wheels i have ordered some new 19″ aluminum undrilled wheels to be laced to my hubs. hopefully the pionts judge police will let it slide. thanks again. gary


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