Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Sunday 3/23/2014

evening, hope your all good.  have a different big end rod bearing race on the way so hopefully next update will be about assembling, truing the flywheels.

got a great picture of Linda and I on the bike and sidecar with the sun smiling down on us from Mr. Clay (grandson). what a GREAT JOB buddy.

Clays drawing of us on bike

Eric brought by some finished painted parts Saturday.  i m in all by his giving of time and materials, but even more of his talents. check out the look of the battery  and tool box.  cant wait to see the fenders and tanks.  down right excellent.

059 060 061 062 063 058

shes gonna be beautiful.

have decided to use the material between the leaf springs to try and better the ride. used all but one do to a thickness issue. got them riveted together and ready to paint.  need to make a new bushing and axle to mount them.

020 021 022 023 025 026 027 028


Gene Harper shared a bit of info about a over oiling issue with a friends bike using the same pistons i m using,   they found the loose tolerance of the barrel and tube to be the culprit.  i dissembled, cleaned, checked and documented the dimensions. but as of yet, not found any info on what exceptionable tolerances are.  think i m gonna have to run it to know.

025 026 027 028 029 030 032 034 036 037 039 042 044 047 048 050 053 055 056 057

finished installing the intake and exhaust nipples in the clys.

015 012 016 018 020 021 022 023 024

hoping not to shoot myself in the foot. trying to get a bit more  power without heat or shortening her time. have upped the intake nipple size from about 1 1/8″ to 1 5/16″ to match a later years intake . may have to choke her back down, will see. may be to much. again will have to see after she blows smoke.

005 006 012


another bit of help. Skip Richardson dropped off a bus seat to use in the sidecar during the week.  think i can do a bit of revamping and make Linda’s hip a bit more at ease. Thank You Skip.

008 009


last is sure not the correct head light for a 30 Chief, but i ve been hanging on to a old  light for (maybe 40 yrs.)  with a bit of changing things around may be able to use it on the Chief. i ll have to wait on putting the bars on to finish the mount.

003 004 005 006 009 010

in the 3rd. day of spring. we had about 2″ of much needed wet snow Sat.. all our bird buddies are showing up. and it wont be long before we get to see things turn green. looking forward to it.  hope you all have a great week.  look for something to laugh about it makes life allot more doable.  take care.  gary

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2 thoughts on “Sunday 3/23/2014

  1. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Hi Mr. Gary and Miss Linda,
    Thanks for another update. Yes, it would appear that the machine will beautiful. As far as breathing/power, I’m thinking that for Loveland, in addition to the larger intake, having the next size carburetor venturi handy (more air, less fuel) to plug in for that day wouldn’t hurt, and of course, perhaps having available lower gear ratio options. I know that your wonderful JD was undaunted by the Sheridan to Cody, WY passage in 2012, but this is another 2-3000 feet in elevation with a sidecar and passenger. If you are up at all on the winter we’ve had in the Northeast, then you know that we don’t need any more snow and would gladly give you some if we could. A recent week with friends in FL just made it seem colder here upon return.

    God bless you, Ron (and Dixie) PS–Did some bicycling in FL and although the spirit would love to try a Cannonball, the flesh at this point (joints in general–pelvis specifically) is weak. Hope you can resolve is seat issue for Linda—2 weeks + is a grind as you know.


    • morn n Ron, sure thank you for your on going incite, hope the weather allows you two to keep up with the cycling. i need to get after my body. i think everyone’s weather has taken a bit of a change. take care. gary


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