Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Sunday 3/30/2014

evening , hope everyone’s good.  Linda and I were able to hike section 16 this morning, we really need to get after our bodies too. its about a 8 mile loop with a pretty good hump in to the 1/2 way point. i m sure our stuff will be talking to us for the next few days.   no rod races have showed up this week so tomorrow morning i ll be ordering from Jerry Greer’s. busy week but did get a couple things done.  blasted, repaired, straightened,  miscellaneous parts to give Eric to paint.

031 032 033034 015

got a little done on the sidecar. chopped up the seat Skip gave me and made a back for it. plain to hinge the front of it for access to the rear and under it. hopefully after its covered it will look period.  removed what i think was the original floor, found burnt stick matches, cigar wrappers and some Prince Albert tobacco wrappers.  sure would be neat to know the history on these old parts. who used them, where they traveled, what was going on here in the States,  and their use.  lightly blasted the inside of the car. Eric wants to use some of the old patina with what he is going to do. also knocked some of the heavy dents out.

007 008 010 012 013 018 020 021 023  025 024 027 029

036 037 041 039


last time i talked to Chris with Woody’s Wheels they had not been able to locate a front 19″ rim.  the front rim has a lot different spoke angle on one side do to the drum flange.  from others knowledge Indian only used these 19″ wheels on the 1930 and 1931 model Chiefs.  changed the jaws on the lathe to take a closer look at my three wheels.  all three have a pretty good thump in them, but the amount of material missing on the front is concerning. the photo is after i tried filling in the interior beads.    . i m sure these wheels would be handy for a bike in shows or just short rides, but not on a multiple mile runner and esp. not with a sidecar.  so i m still on the hunt.

004 006

for three weeks i ve wanted to get my flywheels and bottom end put together. hopefully next week end. hope everyone has a great week. laugh lots its good medicine.


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4 thoughts on “Sunday 3/30/2014

  1. Hey Gary, I know its not period…but have you ever thought about putting a convertable top on the sidecar?


    • morn n Dan, i ve been looking at photos of the old windshields. i d like to fab some type of shield or deflector. and prob. a cover as well. will see.


  2. Amy Wright on said:

    So nice to see you guys hikes section 16!

    Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 01:27:08 +0000 To:


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