Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

4/13/2014 Mileage Sponsor info

 evening, hope everyone is good.  I d like to share a poster miss Melanie has taken the time to design and Lon has printed up for us. they look great. in the coming weeks we are going to try to visit and hand them out here in the state of Colo. to let folks that may be interested in seeing and meeting up with the Cannonball riders and there great old bikes as they come thru the state.  I hope this is not a turn off to anyone but we are also hoping to gain some mileage sponsors along the way.   Thank You.


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6 thoughts on “4/13/2014 Mileage Sponsor info

  1. Hello Gary, been following your progress of the ’30 on the Cannonball website. Don’t know how you find the time to do all the work needed to get the bike and sidecar ready AND give a weekly update WITH PICTURES! but it is very much appreciated by guys like us who are living the dream through your updates. Thank you very much! Met you briefly at 2012 Sturgis Cannonball day-of-rest, at Ouray last summer and at the “Why We Ride” film this past winter. Would be interested in finding out a few more details on the sponsor needed pledge and how to get a poster to put up in our shop (small auto repair business). Thanks


    • afternoon Rob, labor of love. sure you and others have been there. thank you for sharing in the same great interest. this stuff makes my soul smile. gives me a place to put aside whats going on all around us. I d sure appreciate your helping spread the word about the event and hopefully not a shameful plug for our own needs. 661 5666. I looked at the link to the repair business. very well represented, humble, clean, honest, down home feeling. good for you folks. going to have sort of a open shop the second sunday of next month here, I’ll make a post. nothing fancy by any means. just a come see where we re at with the Chief and visit type deal. would be great if you and others that would nt be board with it would come out and see. thanks again . gary


  2. Amy Wright on said:

    NICE DAD! This is great!

    Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 04:38:40 +0000 To:


  3. Good evening to you Gary and Linda, I tell you I just can’t wait to be able to ride with you guys, even if it is just for a short ways. Really looking forward to see history in motion and with sound effects. How lucky we are and thanks for all your hard work. I am going to print this poster and take it down to the local Harley shops and post it.

    There is a free magazine made right here in the Pacific Northwest called Quick Throttle. They are huge and will print your event in it for free. They may even want to write about you guys. Their magazine is better then most magazines that you can buy.

    Mike Dalgaard is the publisher and a writer…good people.


    • evening Dan, looking forward to the event and meeting up with you folks. just hope the time spent on the Indian will allow the completion of the ride.
      awfully nice of you help with the poster and sharing it around. if you could send a address I,ll get one coming your way. gonna look at the site you sent tonight. thanks again for your comradery. gary


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