Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

now the tweaking begins 6/11/14

melted boots

melted boot

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4 thoughts on “now the tweaking begins 6/11/14

  1. Charlie OneOone on said:

    Typical with burnt boots for me. Even the heel got some licking. I have ruined a few good boots, especially rain boots is hard to keep solid. It doesn’t matter how many times you think “I’ll remember to be aware of the foot the next time…” For me it’s only a fabbed heat shield that works.


    • hi Charlie, i think i ll be adding a shield also. do you happen to know what is exceptable heat wise off these engines? saw 550 to 575 at times the other day. could fatten it and play with advance to make about 20 degree difference. seems hot to me, the inside of right leg felt like it got tempered a bit. take care. gary


  2. Phil and Karen on said:

    Hey Gary sounds sweet, looks like a custom boot guard would be handy, otherwise how many boots per mile will she get???


  3. MarkF on said:

    congrats, Gary~! i know that’s a terrific milestone to make.


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