Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Sunday 7/6/2014

evening, hope everyone is good.
54 days till we leave. ok this is getting serious. I m not ready. going to finish a few jobs then just take in what my brother Karl will do. this weeks evenings and week end got the kicker and stop addressed. (although I haven’t used it yet).
also needed to mill down the width to clear the chain pins.
hopefully now I ll be able to get a faster and fuller kick to her now.
now back to my heat and dead spot. I made a o ring sealed block to seal the intake and charged it with 15 psi, used kids bubbles (thanks Jim) works better than dish soap I think. to check again for intake and nipple leaks to explain my heat and dead spot. no leaks. other than a very minute seep at a insert pin. what I do have is air passing between the valve stem and guide, had I even thought of this while going threw the engine I m not sure I would have fitted valve seals on the guides, seems like it would have hinder the oil lube to the valve stem. but it would have stopped the air being drawn into the intake area other than threw the carb.. so I have ruled out a intake leak and will now focus on the carb. at this point I m pretty sure my upping the intake size is my problem. if I can find away around the miss at roll on, she pulls great past it.
to the front brake. tried to remove what I think was a brazed threaded nipple in the stop tube and hub. could not remove. ended up having to bore them and brazed a piece of 1/2 cold roll in place.
got to visit with family at one of the grandsons birthday sat. you can all sleep easier knowing sir night is on the job..
hope you all a great week. LAUGH LOTS. gary

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