Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

7/15/14 tues. morn n

morn n all hope your well.  got to spend time with 6 of the 8 grand young ns and family over the week end. wow how they are growing. they amaze me.  trying to keep this positive but we have left them a mess to deal with.

I hope next Sunday to share a bit of all the on going help from folks to make this all happen.  I may be the one doing the hunt a peck to share the work on getting the bike and sidecar ready but without all the on going help we would not be able to pull this off. our THANKS to everyone.

Phil an Karen from Greely Colo.. Phil called early last week again asking how he could help move progress along. I tried to figure out a drawings for the sidecar axle , leaf spring plates and fender mounts.  Phil whipped out the brackets and a friend of his ( Jeff Robinson of Wellington Colorado) CNC d the axle and a spare. again I m in all of the on going  help we have. Phil drove down Sat. with the parts, we set up alignment for attaching the car to the bike using Gene Harpers recommendations ( Gene owns and rides quite a few beautiful antique sidehack bikes).  got the top of castings  tack brazed.  will finish after some other added brackets for brake parts are done when the car is removed.  got to get to work but here are a few photos.

I am a PRETTY LUCKY GUY…..Laugh Lots..  gary


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