Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Sunday 7/20/2014

evening hope everyone is good.

so in 40 days we will be leaving for Florida. 40 days.  any bets out there on us being ready?  received some softer shoe material for the sidecar an front brake. turned a piece to be able to turn down the shoes to size for the sidecar, still need to do the front set.


cut out mounts for adding the brake to the sidecar





got the castings brazed, cleaned up and blasted the tubes.






have a front and a rear spring stack that have been bent pretty bad, I ll be singling out the springs to re bend them cold, Phil found a outfit in Denver that does heat treating. I ll get them up to them hopefully this week for the 1950 degree then oil quench then reheat to 900 degrees to finish the process. 



still a lot to finish. should be out putting miles on the bike. better be soon.

during the last Cannonball we met Mongo, he wrenched for another rider out of New York, he also rode Felicia (photographer) across the country with her taking photos. he was also in the first Cannonball riding a motorcycle with a side carrier for hauling broke bikes. anyway. got a call from him, he was coming through Colorado on his way to his sons wedding in Indiana. he came by last Monday. he had said during the 2012 Cannonball how much he liked the paint on the 1929 JD. what a great surprise to see his paint job on his HD.  pretty fun.





need to hit the hay, still lots to do.  hope you all have a great week.  LAUGH LOTS.   gary

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3 thoughts on “Sunday 7/20/2014

  1. Thank you brother. Thanks for picking up the slack.


  2. Andrés Cervieri on said:

    Good work Gary I.m making the same in a 29 Princess without brake.
    Have you made the tub? I made one…Andres


    • Mr. Andres,
      It’s me that should say good job. I’d love to see some photos of your talent! We are pretty lucky to be involved in this Cannonball and couldn’t have been able to pull it off without the help of quite a few folks. Thank you for the kind words. Linda and Gary. Looking forward to seeing those photos!!


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