Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Monday 8/4/2014 25 days to leaving for Florida

Morn n, hope everyone is good. excuse me for not keeping up with last weeks show an tell. been a bit busy. Thank You to my brother Karl for the videos, there pretty great.   left off on the sidecar. I straightened the bent/crushed springs. found a outfit on the north side of Colo. Springs that does heat treat work. took them in and had them checked on a hardness tester, which all of them were not within the range they should be. so I opted to have them all treated. Quite the process. was a 4 day turn around which was great.  mocked up an made more parts to mount the body to the chassis.  cousin Ray dropped off the seat he covered and finished for the sidecar. Linda and her hip likes it.  Thank You Ray. picked up the body from being painted by Eric. Thank You Eric for your on going and prob. endless feeling help on all the labors an materials to make this look the way it does.  ran to Denver Sunday morn. to pick up magnetic placards from Jeff an Brent for a little advertising the Rocky Mtn chapter of the AMCA, Gene Harper has rebuilt and loaned us a magneto and spare generator that we picked up, cant Thank You enough for all the on going help. oh and Gene found some pretty trick low amp draw bulbs from the UK. try to remember to show you these later.  Talked to Phil an Karen (there going to be our traveling support crew, chauffer’s, tech help, haulers, parts finders, landlords, counselor’s,  bartenders) and hopefully still friends by the end of the Cannonball Adventure. there coming down next week end for fitting/planning of the bike an a few tools. sure hope its not needed by any of the Cannonball riders but Phil set up a portable tig for welding repairs. What a Huge offer.

I cant do any justice to all the help we have gotten from SO many folks from the finding/locating/hauling parts in the beginning. the monetary Sponsor help,   to where the bike stands today. but I can say this would currently not be happing with out ALL the on going HELP an Giving everyone has Blessed us with.    THANK ALL of YOU FOLKS 


last night at about 9 pm I had the body pretty much mounted to the chassis.(not on the bike yet) the body slumped  about a 1 1/2″ low in the rear from looking level to start with which changing or adding a few things would prob. take care of. I climbed in side, she did a tail dive, which again by raising it might work. then I started to move the body up and down with my weight to simulated riding down the road and I broke one of the loop type center springs (more than likely the one that had been crushed ).   bad feeling…………….and may have cussssed a bit.

will have to get creative now. times not on our side.

got to go. wonder if Napa or Oreilles’ has springs on the shelf? 

hope everyone has a great week. LAUGH LOTS it helps.  gary






















Linda got a few great shots with the sunset.





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3 thoughts on “Monday 8/4/2014 25 days to leaving for Florida

  1. Andrés Cervieri on said:

    Hi. Good work. I make the same work on my Princess. There are reinforced rear leaf springs for two places tub. I find and buy a pair of these as spare pices. Harley and Goldwing sidecars have the same rear springs. Regards Andres


  2. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Hello Gary and Linda,
    Whoa—set back city as regards the rear springs. The “dive” you describe plus the visual impression one gets from your pictures is that those springs are not strong enough. I don’t know what could be done to remedy at this point if that is indeed the case (sounds like reinforcing is needed–easier said than done given the configuration–again the cheap advice dept.), but even without the break, if it is now a high frequency rocking chair, I, for one, would not last long on the road and I don’t think the other spring leafs would either (hope the tempering is correct).

    Glad to hear of your road team, and we pray that you would be able to solve the problem(s) and have a safe and successful run. Hope to see you in Daytona Beach.

    Ron (and Dixie


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