Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

8/14/2014 quick update from the DRAMA DEPT.

morn n, hope everyone is good.

folks that have been following along since the start of this build since last December can kind of understand what its taken to get to this point. along with all the help and goodness of others to make this happen.

last Tuesday night about 10 10:30 I was about to call it quits for the night, the front exhaust tube was loose on the cylinder nipple. I grabbed a home made wrench and put a pull on it to tighten it, didn’t budge. so I tried untighten it, it moved and then quit. at this point I figured it was probably rolling a thread. (SHOULD HAVE INVOLVED HEAT AT THIS POINT) but did not. tugged a bit more and this was the result.



at this point I probably set on the floor starring at the damage the bike an my hands for 1/2 hour in total disbelief of what I had just caused. a lot going through my mind besides how stupid I was to do this. not that I have stopped trying to beat myself up but now trying to figure out how to do something to continue going forward. my casting repairs have pretty much been with heavy, large repairs using nickel rod, brazing and a build up torch. knowing if I were to braze it it would mean pulling the engine , tearing it down, finding and waiting for parts while not being able to complete other things that also need to be completed. using the build up torch would be the same as the cylinder would need to be pre heated to perform the process. again with arc welding also, and the area was to thin to attempt nickel arc anyway.

didn’t sleep to well the remainder of that night. when I got up to the house, Linda asked what was wrong,( must have brought the cloud of shame up with me). after telling her what I had just done, she says so we take the 29 Harley instead.  this gal is ALWAYS upbeat positive and see s the good in people an life. I have learned from her but am not sure I ll ever be on the hill she see s from. what a gal..

the next morning I called Phil a friend in Greely that has gone out of his way numerous times to lend a hand helping with this project and other things. after telling him of my screw up, sending him a photo of the destruction he says, I,m pretty sure I could tig that up on the bike for you.  I got busy file dressing the nipple grinding, prepping the pieces and getting them to fit again.  removed the hack, loaded up and headed for Greely.

Phil an Karen have built a heck of a business from scratch  over the years , the knowledge that Phil has is about as big as the giving part of this man. its pretty great to be considered a friend.  watching Phil tig weld nickel out of position at times was more than interesting, the control factor of heat, filler rod, where to and not to start and stop. I was watching years of experience and technic being performed. welding cast with nickel out of position is like pushing mud uphill with a comb.




















`there are very few folks that can pull off the repairs I just shared. and lets add the (there are no more cylinders, the repair is in a area of constant high temp heat cycles and has another part connected to it.)  NO PRESSURE HERE…….

Phil, I m not sure of how to THANK YOU! we are back in the race.

now back to work..

LAUGH LOTS ……… gary

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10 thoughts on “8/14/2014 quick update from the DRAMA DEPT.

  1. Ron & Dixie we sure are looking forward to seeing you in Florida!! Thank you for your positive input. Hopefully I’ll feel a bit more at ease when they say “GO”
    Linda & Gary


  2. Phil and Karen on said:

    Well old friend, best you can’t do is get some bugs n wind in your mustache and have a good trip, wish we could tag along……


  3. Joe Basile on said:

    Amazing news. Gary you have the patience of a saint. Your lovely wife is a saint too.. You folks are showing what real Americans are all about. I wasnt planning on joining this ride this year since it doesnt come even close to here. I’m re-considering this decision in a big way. Give em hell, Gary and Linda.


    • Great hearing from you Joe! Hope you and yours are great. If life allows you it would be great to see you. We do intend to give em a little hell. Gary & Linda


  4. Charlie OneOone on said:

    Phuuiii! that was close. Wouldn’t like to see another HD in the c-ball 🙂


  5. mainelytools on said:

    Nicely done, looking forward to seeing the repair in Daytona, Cheers!


    • The repair is due to a good friend, as I wasn’t comfortable with attempting it. I see the mainelytools name – but could I get your name. Look forward to meeting you in Daytona.


  6. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Sounds just like something I would have done.

    Two things; friend Phil’s skill (wonderful) and your willingness to share what occurred and just how it went down.

    A third thing; Linda’s response. A helpmate to be sure.

    So again–successful completion, safe travel and we look forward to seeing you at and seeing your off from Daytona Beach.


    Ron (and Dixie)

    PS–Any info. on overnight destination location in Columbus, GA at the end of day two. Nothing listed for promos etc and we would like to make at least some contact each day in our brief time of following the run.–thanks


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