Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

9/3/2014 at Daytona Beach Florida

arrived at the Daytona Beach Resort Hotel parking lot today at around 11am. quite a few folks here already. but still room to park the old Dodge an camper. great to see folks that we haven’t seen since the last Cannonball. at 1pm. we did our registration and bike tech inspection. registration involves proof of bike insurance and licensing, riders operators licence, paying for beginning and ending banquets, receiving event time line, practice run maps, Cannonball Event Name badges, information and routes for support crews, and opting to running on the Daytona Raceway Track for an additional 32.00 fee.

the bike inspection is really no more than checking for having two mirrors ,a horn, brake lights, event placards, reflectors, and a head  light. safety equipment.

not sure if the folks here from different countries get info in there native tongue or not, but i,ll find out. some of these folks speak English but some dont. not sure i would enjoy being in a different country with no communication other than a thumbs up.  but pretty neat that two wheels brings together so many folks from different countries and walks of life.

there are folks here from many different walks of life, rich an no so rich, well known an not so well known. but we all put our britches on one leg at a time, and we all love the freedom of being on old motorcycles.that makes this a pretty great get together. at the beginning of the last Cannonball at the beginning banquet we were all asked the question of (how many were here to win the race) i only saw two hands. and they came in 1st. an 2nd.. neither of these folks will be in this Cannonball, i ll be interested if the question is asked again and how many hands go up. Linda and I are pretty darn lucky to have been able to be involved in the 2012 and this years. there is a prize for coming in first. but just being able to make all the miles and without penalties is a great goal. which we did in 2012. and with a bit of luck are hoping to do again this run. no matter if we are or not in the perfect scoring finishers i certainly hope a photo be taken of who ever the finishers are. because it is quite the accomplishment.

i ve rambled on too long, i ll try to load photos tomorrow night.

Hope everyone is good.  LAUGH LOTS.   Linda an Gary



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2 thoughts on “9/3/2014 at Daytona Beach Florida

  1. So thrilled you guys are doing it again! I will say if u came in 1st it’d be a lot easier to get sponsors next round! 😉 Just enjoy another epic journey! God speed! Now if I may borrow some wise words you used to tell me often, dad: use your head, watch out for fruitcakes, look around ya…) 😉 Love u both!


    • morn n Hun, Thank You. Linda showed me the photo of the boys.. THEY LOOK GREAT with the old farmal tractor.. do to the age of the bike winning was never an option. but just having the opportunity to pull this off makes me feel like we ve already won. pretty neat. Love You Guys. and we will LOOK AROUND!! we ride like we re invisible, hopefully it keeps us safe.


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