Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Exploring Florida’s A-1-A

We decided to stay put at this little campsite by the sea another day. Wanted to have another day of being tired of doing nothing. Ha!!
The beach is a real fun treat for us. A bit different from our neck of the woods. Loving picking up shells, sea glass etc and wondering where all they had been.
Unloaded the bike and rode to St Augustine. Pretty trick riding… Being warm without a heavy jacket on. The bike is running great. (Trying to pick a suitable name for her). Instead of referring to her as “the bike”.
Walked around St Augustine – neat history here. It was founded in 1565!! The concrete sidewalks have seashells mixed in!
Loving seeing the trees with all the moss growing on them.
We hope everyone is doing great! Thank you again to all for your wonderful support.
Laugh lots
Linda and Gary!!


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One thought on “Exploring Florida’s A-1-A

  1. how about “Ruby” after all she is a jewel


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