Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

More for Thursday

We had a great day of getting things organized for the ride, for the next 17 days!! There is quite a buzz of excitement in the parking lot. The projects that are going on are amazing. Painting, wrenching and re-wrenching – re-building these machines to hopefully stand the test of the road. Great to be in the thick of it.
Mandatory meeting for riders and big Banquet to officially launch the festivities. We’re down to 98 riders.
Wonderful excitement in the air.
We try to bed down early – just can’t turn our brains off.




Loads of folks coming through the parking lot to see this old iron. Most everyone that stops to visit has a great story to tell about the bikes that have been a part of their lives – or someone they know. It’s wonderful.
Our friends we made last Cannonball are here to check in. Ron and Dixie. Great to see them and catch up.

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One thought on “More for Thursday

  1. Looking forward to seeing more pictures. Thanks for sharing the experience.


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