Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

We’re off

It’s a real good thing the butterflies in our tummies aren’t cows!!
The excitement in the air is electric!! We start off the day with a photo shoot on the beach – ocean behind us. Spectacular!! The makings of a bluebird kind of day!! Getting all the riders lined up and all the folks that were there to watch took some doing. Just to have the bikes all on the beach was stellar to say the least.
When it was time to take off Gary made a run to get off the beach – I jumped in and off we went. Spectators lined each side cheering us on – yes… Bluebird kind a day.. We are so so lucky.
Beautiful ride going north and west out of Daytona. Sun is warm -perfect day for a ride. Bike is running pretty darn good. Did try to vapor lock on us at one point (GW made some adjustments for that tonight).
Made all our mileage and into Lake City. Dinner tonight hosted by Interstate Cycles.
15 bikes had to trailer in today. Everyone is working on their bikes in the rain tonight.
We did laugh a huge amount today. Hope you all did too.





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