Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

closing in on four am

notice n,  this will be short. Hope everyone is good. First off this morn or yesterday morn  the mag cap desided to have a come apart.  Try to show pltchures soon. Thanks to Gene Harper we had a backup on hand. Then at about sixty miles into the day  on a great old road without any notice she went to running on one cyl. . the road was a pretty narrow two lane with no shoulder and dropped off the sides pretty good. I got her into neutral and shut her off pretty quick coasting to a driveway. Seeing the cap had just come apart I figured I did nt get all the trash and had a problem in the mag.  After checking it out I started the do I have spark deal.  So went to plugs, looked good so did a can you hear compression from both cyls..  Rear cyl. No. Compression.  Stuck a screw driver i n the plug hole and turned the engine over slowly, watched the intakes valve do its up and down deal,then pulled the exhaust push tube cover and found no valve lash. Ran the adjuster in all the way making no difference in having any clear and aclearance between the valve stem and push rod. Knowing we were pretty much done. I started taking a few things loose waiting for swipe trailer. They showed up fairly quick and that’s the the day got a lot longer. I think we loaded 9/10 bikes this day.  Long day. When we got to ? Tennessee  Brent ,Dave and I pushed the old girl in the rain from where she was unloaded  about 2blocks to where the plckup and camper were packed. Brent and I started removing parts.popped the head off the valve. Pretty lucky with no major damage. Rider Jim Petty was kind enough to give me a new valve,  and will replace it for him. Brent, Ron and I got back together. Went for a very short ride.we will see tomorrow l mean today.  Got to sleep, I’ll be back.  LAUGH LOTS.


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4 thoughts on “closing in on four am

  1. Sounds a lot like having babies. Eli got a bee sting on the bottom of his foot and we have had to piggy back him off and on for a day and a half. Might have gotten a bit more sleep than you, but two trips upstairs during the night for a “hurt bad, bad” and the 4 AM is a time that we see often! 😉 Take care your baby! It’s well worth it:)
    Be safe<3


  2. Charlie OneOone on said:

    So glad it wasn’t worse! A valve head that decided to dislodge! With all probabilities for lost compression there is, and a valve that breaks with no other damage! Talk about LaughALot!


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