Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Wednesday September 10, 2014


Great ride today. Cape Girardeau, Mo to Sedalia, Mo. 291.94 miles

Early start. 7:30 for class three. Makes for yet another short night. BUT we are having a blast!!
We have heard that several of the bikes are having trouble. Today there were 15 that came in on the support rig.
Ran in some heavy rain today. And it’s a bit cooler. We made good time into the lunch stop. Bike was a little peeked this afternoon. We lost the exhaust bracket 1st on front then on the back. Had to stop twice. Second time by a farmers house so we got some heavier wire from him.
We got in ok and on time but she’s just not running like she has been. Don’t know if it’s because there’s just not enough back pressure from the exhaust being loose or if its something more.
Brent and GW are changing the back tire on the bike tonight. Having the sidecar on there is eating it up faster. Our spare tire is in a support vehicle that is stick in a bad accident 3 hours away and it will be several hours before they can clear it. Going with an old one we brought along for a back up.
Beautiful riding today- I say that and think we is there a day when it’s not beautiful when your riding on back roads with your honey ??😜
Saw some turtles on the road today. Some pumpkins out of the patch. Ready for fall.
I think these old bikes are like us-they have good days and better days.
I will try to catch up on the missed days here soon. Hope everyone is good
We are so very lucky.
Linda and Gary



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4 thoughts on “Wednesday September 10, 2014

  1. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Hi Gary and Lynda,
    We arrived home safely after two 500 mile days. Hope you can make it to the rest day and get things sorted out and that it is not serious. We wish the same for Steve and were sorry to hear that he dropped 7 miles at the end of day 6.
    Miss you guys–it was nice to be with you if only for the first four days. God bless you–safety and success–Ron and Dixie


  2. Charlie OneOone on said:

    With the high humidity, hot engine and hot magneto, the magneto is producing a lot of dew inside when it is cooling off. It might be an idea to try to dry it out during the night, a heated fan or at least try to blow compressed air in it to get rid of the pockets of water that can collect.


  3. Thnks, good luck to you and Linda.


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