Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado


Hello everyone. Sorry we have been so out of touch. Been a bit busy just getting through the days.
We started off good from Junction City this morning only to make it just 81 miles before we had some all too familiar sounds coming from the engine.

Gary checked things out and decided it would be best to load it onto our rig and head for home…We blew another exhaust valve. Huge bummer. We hated not riding into our home state.
Gary called our machine shop friend Gary Vandebrake and put him on standby.
Brent and Barbara fo

llowed us home of course and Phil and Karen, Karl and Amy were here waiting for us when we drove in.

The guys got the bike unloaded the side car off and the engine pulled in just about 2 hours.

The guys got things pulled apart and My Gary headed to our friend Gary’s to have him start the machine work.
Karen had chicken salad for us – yea fresh veggies.
Brent, Karl, Phil a

nd friend Jeff that also came to help are washing parts and getting things ready to put back together.
Concerns about the metal shavings they found stay tuned
If this had to happen at least it happened in a good place for us to get something done about it.
Meanwhile it is nice to be home…but still want to finish what we started.

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2 thoughts on “9/13/2014

  1. mainelytools on said:

    Good luck today hope to see you and linda in Golden late this afternoon


  2. Aww, what a dissapointment. You are right though, timing is on your side.


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