Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

An all nigher to make the start

Gary and friends finished up on the Indian about 3:00 am, then transferred tools etc. to new support vehicle, drove two and a half hours back to Burlington Colorado to make the start. No points lost today! But also no sleep.


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3 thoughts on “An all nigher to make the start

  1. This is a quick run down as I know it. Broken valve spring caused valve to kick sideways taking out guide and value seat and another broken valve. Repair was machine work for new valve seat, new value, valve guide, and valve.

    By Karl


  2. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Gary and Linda,

    As I write, you are in the middle of the “up and over” attempt through Loveland Pass. We pray that when you read this it will be after a successful stage.

    From a strictly selfish standpoint, I’m curious to know what exactly was found when you opened up the engine and what you did to correct the problem(s), but the main thing is that help was available and you are back on the road.

    Will be anxiously awaiting the results of today’s stage.


    Ron (and Dixie)

    PS–whatever happens–get some sleep!


  3. Totally. Awesome. Video.
    Nice job kids!


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